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Many people have helped this project in so many ways. Jen Ren and Liz Snook did a whole lot more illustration and design work than we had funds to pay for, and really cared about the project and what it was all about. Thanks Liz for the gorgeous illustrations, and Jen for being part of CONTINUE READING


BEIS – department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (2016-current) Cost reflective – a way of organising markets so that the end-user pays an amount that reflects the cost of production Decarbonise – change a system so that it doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses, to reduce its contribution to climate change DECC – CONTINUE READING


Bibliography Books about energy For an overview of the trade-offs and dilemmas we face in getting to zero carbon energy in the UK: Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, David MacKay: available as a printed book or free to download: For an overview of the different types of renewable energy, how they work and CONTINUE READING