Energy and Land

Energy relies on land, and as we stop relying on buried sunshine and move to current solar flows, this will become increasingly the case. The images below show two examples of how energy use from land could be organised, in a schematic way. David MacKay puts energy land uses onto an image of the UK. These are indicative, but give some sense of what it could look like. The Zero Carbon Britain proposal is more schematic, but also includes land use for food, carbon storage and other purposes, and a comparison with current land uses.

David MacKay depicts a possible approach to an energy plan that adds up for Britain, including importing of electricity from solar power in North African deserts, represented by the yellow hexagons on the bottom right.
Zero carbon Britain uses a schematic to represent current land use and proposed land use for getting to zero carbon. Several of these land use categories are for fuel and energy, as shown on the ‘land use in ZCB in the image above.

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